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Welcome to Your One-Stop Shop for Tesla Parts and Accessories! Our store specializes in enhancing your Tesla experience with an extensive range of high-quality OEM and aftermarket parts and accessories. Whether you're the proud owner of the sophisticated Model S, the versatile Model 3, the bold Model X, or the adventurous Model Y, we've got all that you need to keep your Tesla S3XY! Here, you can enhance your Tesla's performance, style, and functionality with selections tailored just for you. Remember, your Tesla is not just a car; it's a symbol of innovation and your commitment to the future. We're here to ensure that your Tesla remains as thrilling and cutting-edge as the day you first got behind the wheel.

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Explore a world of possibilities for your Tesla. Our extensive collection is carefully curated to cater to every aspect of your EV needs. From high-performance replacement parts to the latest in EV charging technology, we've got you covered. Dive into our range of eco-friendly accessories, designed to enhance efficiency and style. Discover innovative gadgets, custom interior enhancements, and exterior add-ons that will elevate your driving experience. Every product in our collection is tested for quality and sustainability, ensuring that you get the best out of your EV. Start browsing now and find everything you need to take your Tesla to the next level!

Model 3/Y Right Headlamp, Global Headlight Matrix Headlight Assembly 1514953-00-D

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Model 3/Y Front Lower Lateral Link with Ball Joint

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Model Y Front Fascia Service Unpainted with Sensor Holes Model Y Front Bumper Cover with Park Assist Brackets

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Model 3/Y Right Headlamp, Global Headlight Matrix Headlight Assembly 1514953-00-D

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Model Y Lower Protective Board Wrong photo

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Model Y Front Left Fender

Tesla Model Y Left Fender Front Left Fender LH Front Fender MY

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Model 3 17-20 Steering Rack

Power steering gear rack and pinion

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Model Y Right Rear Knuckle Assembly 1514953-00-D

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Model Y Front Bumper Upper Support Bracket

Tesla Model Y Front Bumper Upper Support Bracket New

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Browse Our EV Parts
our store takes pride in offering a comprehensive selection of genuine Tesla parts, ensuring that your vehicle maintains its pristine condition and optimal performance. We understand the importance of quality and compatibility. Whether you're looking for replacement components or seeking to preserve the unmatched performance and advanced technology of your Tesla, our selection is tailored to meet your specific needs. Trust in our commitment to authenticity and excellence to keep your Tesla running as smoothly and efficiently as the day it left the showroom.
Tesla with Hood and Front Bumper removed

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Tesla Model S trunk close up
About The EV Store

At our store, we're not just about parts; we're about passion. As enthusiasts of Tesla's groundbreaking approach to automotive technology, we have created a hub where Tesla owners can find everything they need to keep their vehicles running at peak performance. Specializing in a wide array of high-quality OEM and aftermarket parts, we cater to the needs of all Tesla models. We believe that owning a Tesla is a journey into the future of motoring, and our mission is to make this journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Whether you're looking to maintain the sleek performance of your car, seeking to add a personal touch, or aiming for efficiency upgrades, we're here to transform your Tesla into a true reflection of yourelf, where every part and accessory brings you closer to the future.

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New Arrivals
Tesla Model S Interior
Factory Original Tesla Parts

We offer a wide selection of genuine Tesla components, perfect for maintaining the high standards of Models S, 3, X, and Y. Authentic Tesla parts ensures your vehicle retains its optimal performance and technological integrity. Trust us to provide the quality and compatibility your Tesla deserves.

Tesla Brake Disk
High Quality Aftermarket Accessories

provides an extensive range of top-tier, non-OEM options for Tesla owners. Our carefully selected accessories offer enhanced customization and performance for Models S, 3, X, and Y, ensuring your Tesla stands out in both functionality and style. Elevate your Tesla experience with our premium aftermarket solutions.